Patient Testimonials

Every time our twelve year old son smiles, we are reminded of Dr. Hyten and his team’s many talents.  During a stressful time he calmed our nerves, took quick and amazing care of our son, and produced an excellent clinical outcome – a saved tooth and a beautiful smile!   Shelley & Jamey

Dr. Hyten ROCKS because he flew through the doors like Superman when we called him.  He pulled my tooth back into place, gave me emergency braces, and saved my tooth.  He worked like a flash, it didn’t hurt, and he made me laugh.   Jack

Dr. Hyten and his staff are the best.  Everyone was so nice and they made me feel comfortable and at ease.  He pulled two teeth before I even knew he had started.  Elizabeth

I want to express the professionalism I witnessed while being treated by Dr. Hyten and his wonderful staff.  You are all professionals in what you do.  I felt a tad nervous because the tooth was well below the gum line which concerned me, but I felt zero pain during the extraction and little discomfort afterwards.  I felt normal the day after.  Dr. Hyten is a professional and totally understands his business very well.  I also noticed the up to date equipment,  x-ray machine, etc which is used to treat patients with cutting edge technology.   R.M.

My 11 year old son Connor needed two adult teeth extracted to prepare for braces.  Our general dentist recommended Dr. Hyten.  Our experience from initial contact with his office until the end of Connor’s appointment was exceptional.  Dr. Hyten’s office made sure all the proper paperwork was in order before the appointment.  Although Connor was nervous about the extractions, everything went great.  Dr. Hyten explained everything to Connor before starting.  Both he and his staff kept Connor very calm.  He was able to have both teeth extracted with only local anesthetic.  I can easily recommend Dr. Hyten’s office and wouldn’t hesitate to use him in the future.  C. M.

Dr. Hyten pulled an upper molar and placed a dental implant on me.  The whole procedure was relatively painless as the pain was well controlled with novocain through both procedures.  Dr. Hyten and his staff were very friendly, courteous and helpful throughout.  I would highly recommend his office for this type of procedure.   Herb